Walk 'n' Talk Level Up #100 - It’s a Celebration

Do you know how to emphasize positive answers? Check out this episode to learn an interesting way to do it!

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Walk 'n' Talk Level Up #100 - It’s a Celebration
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Hey there, superstar!

Welcome to another episode of Walk ‘n’ Talk Level Up, our all-English podcast series! No diálogo de hoje, vamos acompanhar um amigo que nota a alegria da Molly, descobrir o motivo dessa alegria toda e, quem sabe, comemorar junto.

Vocabulary Expansion
In this episode of Walk 'n' Talk Level Up, you got to practice your pronunciation and learn many structures, and now you can continue studying here by reading the dialogue, and checking out the written explanations with loads of examples. Don’t forget to repeat all the sentences!


Richard: Hey.. never did I see you so happy! What’s up?
Molly: Oh, hi. I’m not just happy; I’m over the moon! 
Richard: Wow! Calm down and tell me what’s going on. 
Molly: Remember my podcast? Well, today, the 100th episode is gonna be out. 
Richard: That’s what I’m talking about! It seems like people are really enjoying it. Congrats!!
Molly: They are indeed! I’m super happy to help people out through it.
Richard: You know what? We should celebrate!  
Molly: Yeah! Great minds think alike. 

New expressions and Vocabulary!

Negative Inversions
In the dialogue we studied this time, we have a sentence with “never”, which is one of many “negative adverbs”. Negative adverbs describe verbs; they express that something doesn’t happen or doesn’t always happen. Some of the most common ones are: hardly, scarcely, seldom, rarely, never, little, only, nowhere. To emphasize the meaning of these words, we can add an inversion to the sentence, but it sounds a bit formal! Check out these examples:

Hardly ever does she burn herself in the kitchen.
Never have I lost a game of basketball before.
Rarely do we see each other on weekdays.
Little did I know that it was going to be the best day of my life.
Only then did she have the courage to tell me the truth.

Ordinal Numbers
Ordinal numbers describe the order of things, and, in the episode, Molly is talking about the “hundredth” episode of her podcast! Ordinal numbers usually end in TH, except for the first three:

1st – First
2nd – Second
3rd – Third
4th – Fourth
5th – Fifth
6th – Sixth
7th – Seventh
8th – Eighth
9th – Ninth
10th – Tenth

Other numbers that end in 1, 2, and 3 also maintain this pattern. Pronouncing these words can be a bit of a challenge, so make sure to take some minutes to practice!

20th – Twentieth
21st – Twenty-first
22nd – Twenty-second
23rd – Twenty-third
24th – Twenty-fourth
25th – Twenty-fifth
26th – Twenty-sixth
27th – Twenty-seventh
28th – Twenty-eighth
29th – Twenty-ninth
30th – Thirtieth
31st – Thirty-first

This is one of those words that can be used with several different meanings! Here, in the dialogue, you saw it being used as a way to emphasize the fact that Molly agreed with Richard. We can usually use it like this when talking about someone else or a situation. Even though it sounds a little formal, we can use it with most sentences:

A: Douglas is the best volleyball player of the season.
B: He is
A: This class was the easiest one this term.
B: It was
A: Your mom makes the most amazing chocolate cakes!
B: She does

Listen to this episode as many times as you wish, read along, and follow it up with this extra content. That way, you'll be able to memorize these new structures! You’ll also be able to use them in conversations in the future. And remember, the more daily contact you have with the English language, the better you’ll get. So make sure you’re here for our next episode!

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Walk 'n' Talk Level Up #100 - It’s a Celebration
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